About ThoroGold Stables

Our desire is to the best horse boarding facility in the Palouse area.  By this, we do not mean the biggest or most competitive but, to have the happiness and health of the horse as our primary concern. 

We strive to bring all disciplines together…..the love of horses is universal and so our belief is that we should work together for the benefit of the horse no matter what type of saddle we prefer.  Horses give us so much enjoyment, consideration, kindness, trust, forgiveness, and patience, that we feel in turn we should endeavor to allow them to learn what we ask of them with the least amount of force possible.  We should try to play with them and speak to them using their language as much of the time as is possible.

My Guarantee to You...

ThoroGold Stables,LLC. is wholly owned by Janice and Mic Hess, and does business as ThoroGold Stables, LLC.

About Janice & Mic
Janice and Mic Hess have been Idaho residents nearly all their lives (Mic moved to Idaho at 18mo old).  Janice was raised in Athol, ID  (yes, she is a true Atholian).  Mic grew up in Coeur d'Alene.  Both graduated from Coeur d'Alene High School (nearly a high school romance).  We moved to Moscow for a temporary job assignment in 1978 after finishing college at (gasp) Idaho State University.  We are still waiting for our transfer.  Both our children were born here, and are now grown.  Mic is a pharmacist at Northwest Pharmacy in Potlatch.  Janice is a former mortgage banker who decided there is more to life than the 8 to 5.  Feeling the mid-life crazies, Janice lamented that she really wanted to have a horse.  We decided that no better time than the present.  She bought her first horse, a dapple gray Thoroughbred, Willie,  in 1997.  In 1998 she fell in love with a long legged Thoroughbred named Baby Champagne in 1998 and presented her to Mic for his father's day present .  We decided that it might be fun to own our own stable, and purchased ThoroGold Stables in 1999.  Janice's first horse, Willie, coliced with a strangulation lypoma, and had to be put down in 1999.  She bought a beautiful Quarter Horse named KozyUp Doc a few months later, just in time to move into our own stable.

We are in this business because we love horses.  We are constantly learning.  We attend training seminars regularly, and get a lot of help from friends, and from our boarders. We have embraces the concept of "Mud less" horse boarding.  We have made major changes to be more environmentally friendly, since it is our planet too.  For more information about environmentally sound horse boarding, visit 
We invite you to come visit our facility.  We are very proud of it and the care we give our horses and our boarders.

We strongly believe in supporting our community, friends, and neighbors. We are both Rotarians and are involved in numerous charity programs and organizations that are engaged in helping others.

If you board or ride at our facility, you will find an environment that is supportive, friendly, and pleasant to be in. You will always be treated with respect and absolute honesty in all our dealings with you. You will find that your horses are pampered and that their welfare is always our prime concern. We also treat each horse with the utmost respect that they deserve. The horses are not just "Fed" , but they are each looked at to make sure that they are feeling well, haven't been injured, and that they have a supply of fresh water. All of the stalls have automatic waterers. We welcome those that wish to haul their horse in to ride. The fee is minimal and we require very little notice.

Our facility is clean and safe. These things are of paramount importance to us. The stalls are cleaned daily (even holidays) and we compost the manure to help keep the fly population down. The manure ("Prima Poo") is sold and put back into the earth to enhance the quality of the soil rather than being hauled off to a dumpsite. Our environment and the beautiful wildlife that we have are also very important to us. In 2002 we completed our shallow water pond area which enhances the lives of all the various birds and wild animals. We also put in a buffer zone so that the water running from our property into Palouse Creek Area is clean.

Janice & Mic Hess